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Basic Instructions

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Posted 09 June 2012 - 05:21 PM

A headset is required to use the application.
The application won't start without a headset connection.
This is a design decision and also required to prevent audio feedback.

* Launch the app.
* Connect the headset.
The color of the button will change from blue to green.
Once it is green, the application is ready to run.
* Use the slider to select the audio delay in seconds
* Press the green button
* Once the button color is red, the application is
listening from the headset microphone and echoing the sound input
to the earphones with a specific number of seconds of delay
* This delay is controlled with the slider
* To stop the application, press the button again, or disconnect the headset.
* In order to change the feedback delay on the slider, the application must be in stop mode.

It is critical not to place the ear pieces right
next to the headset microphone during the operation of the application.
This could cause audio feedback.

With normal usage as outlined in this tutorial, this will not be an
issue as the microphone will be free floating approximately 10-20 cm below
the ear. Also, most of the sound output will be directed towards the
ear canal.